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Health programs are part of the Personalized Lifestyle Modification Program that Anti-Aging and Integrative Doctors from Navella Medical Clinic will help plan for you. They will also comprehensively analyze your health problems, from internal causes to your personal lifestyle, in order to create a plan of customized programs to enable you to live in a better and healthier way.

Wellness check up

We strongly advocate preventive care and routine medical screenings. The six wellness checkup programs offered range from a compact check-up which includes routine tests, to an all-inclusive package which covers all tests.These packages are sub-divided into smaller programs, such as Food Intolerance, Bio-active Male & Female hormones, Metabolic analysis and Gut Microbiome program.

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Our story

We are healthcare professionals with a mission to provide holistic health solutions tailormade for all through technology, innovation and knowledge.

“Navella” is the first official “Preventative Medical Clinic” in Thailand founded by high quality doctors specialised in preventative medicine . Our services center around “functional medicine”, which operates in a holistic manner to identity the root cause of health problems through a biology–based approach to find the best treatment for all our patients.

We focus on helping our patients achieve graceful aging and prevent illnesses that may cause mind and body dysfunctions eg. metabolic syndromes, diabetes, hypertension, gout etc.

With our Age Management protocols, Navella team looks at the physiological changes that result from the processes of aging and the proactive actions we can take to help reverse or slow these physiological changes.

Navella helps patients achieve optimum health and wellness, prevent diseases and also treat diseases should they occur. These diagnosis and treatments are implemented using Navella proprietary Wellness Protocols and clinical programs integrating special interests in nutritional supplementation, medical aesthetics and relevant medical technologies.

“Prevention is better than cure”. Early intervention of body dysfunctions through lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation and dietary management, exercise regimes and selective hormonal replacement may help avoid the need for medication or surgery.

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Health Program

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Our Doctors​

Emon Pattaramongkolkarn, MD

Functional & Integrative Medicine Doctor

“ So many people are unwell and don’t know why. This results from the disconnection between the way we live, eat, think, move, sleep, rest, connect, love and meet our needs as biological creatures. Wellness is a journey, NOT a destination. “

Suttipoj Pattaramongkolkarn, MD​

Anti-Aging & Preventive Medicine Doctor

“ Everything we do speaks to our genes – the food we eat, our relationships to the environment that surrounds us. You’re either telling your genes to age faster or age slower. “

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