Integrative Cancer Therapy

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Anti-cancer Infusion

Anti-cancer infusion incorporates both traditional, complementary and alternative therapeutic modalities.
It is very patient-centered, incorporating natural products, lifestyle and dietary changes, and a mind-body-spirit healing journey alongside conventional treatments such as chemotherapy. It has been proven to be a more effective therapeutic option.

Improve quality of life

Obtain optimal nutrients, vitamin, and mineral

Support immune system

Reduce the side effects from chemotherapy

NK Cell Immunotherapy

NK cell Immunotherapy is done by taking blood samples and separating white blood cells (NK cells) to be cultured, stimulated, multiplied and refused back into the body. When the level of the NK cell is at an optimum level, the body will then be able to function more effectively and work efficiently. When the immune system is stronger, prevention of cancer occurrence and any foreign body invasion becomes more effective. Apart from cancer prevention, this treatment also has high efficacy in treating degenerative and chronic diseases plus improving and strengthening the brain, heart and overall functions. Therefore, Nk Cell Immunotherapy is the key to better health and good quality of life.

Attack germs cell and other malignant cells

Boost your immune system

Boost natural killer cells in the body

Slow the growth of cancer

Dendritic Cell Vaccine

Dendritic Cell (DC) is a type of antigen-presenting cell (APC) that form an important role in the adaptive immune system. When a foreign substance enters our body and causes an infection, the DC are immediately notified and locate the foreign substances, especially cancer cells, and stimulate other antigens of immune cells to eliminate the foreign cells. The main function of DC is to help the immune system to recognize the receptors of cancer cells, which is also known as tumor antigens.

The DC vaccine works by stimulating the body’s natural immune system to fight cancer cells. Dendritic Cells Vaccines is a revolutionary and promising cancer control therapy which is widely used in the latest treatment of cancer around the world.

  • Stimulate immune responses against pathogens
  • Maintain immune homeostasis to harmless antigens.
  • Stimulate T cells
  • Generate tumor-specific immunity in patients with advanced cancer

High Megadose Vitamin C Infusion

Megadose is an intravenous infusion consisting of 10-20 grams of concentrated Vitamin C plus additional nutrients and minerals. Vitamin C is the key component in inflammation reduction, better resistance against microorganisms and strong immunity.

The concentrated vitamins in the Megadose are targeted for those who are keen on general health while the Megadose is a highly beneficial supportive element for cancer treatments. Apart from those already mentioned above, it acts as a health solution for fatigue, low immunity and malnutrition.

Cancer therapy Aid

Aid the body in healing wounds

Improved iron absorption

Strong immune system

Curcumin Infusion

Our pure and powerful anti-inflammatory curcumin IV drip can help treat discomfort and disease resulting from inflammation in the body including: auto-immune disease flare-ups, leaky gut , IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Curcumin Infusions prevent the development of blood vessels in the tumor tissue. With its immune stimulating properties it is due that curcumin has the ability to fight potentially cancer-causing free radicals.

  • Boosts immune function
  • Helps prevent and treat cancer
  • Strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Beneficial for gut health, improving brain function and protesting against stress and depression

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