Signature Male Hormone Kit


Signature Male Hormone Kit

As age increases, the male body tends to produce fewer sex hormones. Nowadays, some behaviors can lead men over the age of 30 to experience sexual dysfunction issues. This is often due to lifestyle factors such as stress, inadequate sleep, heavy alcohol consumption, smoking, excessive consumption of sugary foods, and abdominal obesity. These behaviors can affect not only sexual function but also mood, decision-making, muscle building, and cardiovascular health, as sex hormones have broader effects on the body.

Navella Medical & Wellness, therefore offers a special package to address the issues specifically for “men.” The “Signature Male Hormone Kit” includes hormone testing for men aged 30 and above to enhance strength, increase energy, boost mental agility, reduce body fat, build muscle, and restore normal metabolic functions. The package also includes a comprehensive blood test covering:

  • Total Testosterone (measuring male sex hormones in the blood)
  • Total PSA (measuring prostate-specific antigen)
  • Estradiol (checking hormonal balance between male and female hormones, including testicular and adrenal gland cancers)
  • CBC (measuring and assessing red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets)
  • DHEAs (assessing precursor substances for androgens, with a role in physical growth)
  • one testosterone hormone injection.

Why do men need to get a hormone test?

The levels of male sex hormones begin to decline starting around the age of 30 and decrease by over half by the age of 50. This can lead to symptoms such as reduced vitality, increased fatigue, daytime drowsiness, mood swings, irritability, forgetfulness, impaired metabolism, abdominal obesity, and sexual dysfunction as men enter their golden years.Currently, starting hormone replacement therapy in men is becoming more necessary around the ages of 40 to 50 to maintain muscle mass, prevent abdominal obesity, enhance metabolism, boost confidence in decision-making, stabilize moods, and improve sexual function. Additionally, it can also benefit cardiovascular and brain health by preventing age-related declines. Therefore, accurately monitoring and balancing male sex hormones can contribute to overall well-being and sexual fitness. Male sex hormones serve as indicators of aging gracefully.


Suitable for who

You can try this questionnaire to assess the possibility of male sex hormone deficiency. If you suspect you may have such a deficiency, this questionnaire, available in both Thai and English, can provide an initial screening

Do you experience the following symptoms?

  1. Reduced sexual desire.
  2. Lack of energy.
  3. Decreased physical strength and endurance.
  4. Reduced muscle mass.
  5. Decreased overall enjoyment in life.
  6. Easily feeling sad or irritable.
  7. Is your sexual organ less firm than before?
  8. Have you noticed a decrease in your ability to engage in sports recently?
  9. Do you feel drowsy after eating dinner?
  10. Has your work performance declined recently?

If you have 5 out of 10 or more of these symptoms, you should consider getting a hormone check.


How to improve low male sex hormones?

How to improve low male sex hormones?

After getting blood tests to check for hormone levels and screenings for conditions like testicular cancer, if it's found that male sex hormone levels are lower than normal, here are some recommendations:

  1. Supplement with Vitamins and Minerals: Ensuring an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for hormone production, is important. Nutrients like zinc and vitamin D are particularly important for male hormone health.
  2. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Consider hormone replacement therapy, which can involve applying or injecting male sex hormones. Long-acting HRT can be effective and safe, as it doesn't put as much strain on the liver. Results can be seen relatively quickly, often within 1-2 months, and the treatment duration can vary based on the individual's symptoms and hormone levels.

Ways to enhance male hormones and how they differ?

Ways to enhance male hormones and how they differ?

There are primarily 3 types of male sex hormone supplementation:


1. Injectable Male Hormones: Injectable hormones can be absorbed immediately upon injection and do not have a significant impact on the liver.

  • Short-Acting: The hormone levels gradually increase in the first week and then decrease after 2 weeks. This requires injections every 2 weeks to maintain hormone levels.
  • Long-Acting: Hormone levels peak within the first month and gradually decrease. If hormone deficiency isn't severe, injections can be administered every 3 months. For severe deficiency, more frequent injections may be needed. This method is popular and considered safe, with relatively stable hormone levels. However, it can be more expensive.

2. Topical or Gel Male Hormones:  These hormones mimic the body's natural production and are considered safe. They are recommended during the transition period for hormone injections or to maintain hormone levels before the next injection. They have a short duration of action, typically around 24 hours, and are applied to the skin of the inner arms or thighs daily to ensure proper absorption into the bloodstream.


3. Oral Male Hormones: This form requires daily ingestion and often involves taking multiple pills. It passes through the liver and has a slow release, making it less popular and less recommended compared to other methods.

Effects after receiving male hormone

Effects after receiving male hormone injections


  • Increased energy and reduced daytime drowsiness.
  • Improved sexual function.
  • Enhanced mood, with reduced irritability and less frequent mood swings.
  • Better decision-making abilities and increased self-confidence.
  • Increased muscle mass and reduced body fat, leading to improved body composition.
  • Improved cardiovascular health and overall vascular function.

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