Ozone IV

What is Ozone IV?

Navella Anti-aging & Wellness offers ozone iv in Bangkok to help improve your overall health. Ozone IV is used to treat conditions by improving the body’s ability to take in oxygen. It also activates the immune system to help the body combat particular conditions. If you have been struggling with chronic disease or fatigue, Navella can help you through ozone iv.
Ozone IV uses the benefits of the unstable structure of the ozone body. This consists of 3 atoms of the oxygen molecules. First, the ozone generator will convert pure oxygen, which consists of 2 atoms of oxygen molecules from the source, to become ozone. Then, as the ozone molecule mixes with the blood from the treated recipients, ozone molecules will break down into two parts:

  • O2 (Pure oxygen) which helps to increase energy in the cells 
  • O (Singlet Oxygen) which is unstable. The Singlet Oxygen will run to capture other molecules in tissues and blood that will cause an oxidation reaction.

Suitable for who

  • Has a flu, easily catches a cold or has low immune system
  • Has hepatitis, herpes or shingles
  • has Cancer ( past or present patients)
  • has to be in an environment with high levels of PM 2.5
  • are affected by Long COVID symptoms
  • Is Suffering from allergies,urticaria and asthma
  • have problems with blood circulation, stroke and parkinson’s due to the low amount of blood that can flow to the brain
  • wants to increase energy levels in their body, including individuals who enjoy exercising and want to be able to lift more weight
  • Are exhausted from work or exercise and need assistance in repairing muscles
  • are healthy with no health problems but want to improve their health and strengthen their immune system


Benefits of Ozone IV includes:

  • help eliminate viruses and bacteria and foster cell regeneration to replace the dead cells
  • stimulate the brain functions and improves memory 
  • strengthen the respiratory system 
  • reduce pains and aches from wounds and bones
  • help improve heart arrhythmia 
  • help heal the body from damage caused from stroke 
  • boost the immune system and remove cancer cells. Ozone IV will help create     “Inferleron” which is a type of protein that is responsible for stopping the growth of viruses and increases Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) which is a chemical that fights against cancer. It also helps create Interleukin 2 (IL-2) which acts as an immunity agent that can kill cancer cells.
  • increase energy levels in different cells in your body through the stimulation of enzymes which are in charge of eliminating free radicals that can destroy the immune system and cause cancer.


Recommendations before receiving high dose Ozone IV

  1. Drink an additional 1 liter of water compared to the normal amount consumed at least 2 days before the treatment.
  2. Before receiving treatment, it is recommended to inform the doctor and nurse every time about any medication or supplements that you have been taking.
  3. This IV is not recommended for pregnant women. 
  4. This IV is also not recommended for patients with abnormal blood clotting, such as those with abnormal platelet counts.
  5. This IV is not recommended for individuals with conditions that cause red blood cells to break down easily, such as G6PD deficiency


Navella Anti-aging & Wellness has well trained specialists in ozone therapy. The treatment involves inserting a needle into the black blood vessel located in the arm to extract about 100-200 cc of blood, similar to blood donation. The extracted blood is then collected in an airtight bottle and mixed with a specified amount of ozone determined by the doctor using an ozone generator. The ozone and blood mixture is then reintroduced back into the body through an IV. The entire process takes about 30-45 minutes until the blood changes back to its original red color, indicating that it is ready to be returned to the body.


What results do you see after an Ozone IV

Short term

  • You will have better blood circulation as the ozone will reduce red cell agglutination and  blood viscosity  allowing better blood flow. Additionally, red blood cells are able to release more oxygen to the tissues resulting in more oxygen flow throughout the whole body.  
  • The immune system will be strengthened due to stronger white blood cells that are able to eliminate viruses and bacterias. This will make people who are sick from infections recover faster.   
  • Balance will be created in the immune system , improving those with allergies and autoimmune diseases.
  • Stimulation of growth factors from blood platelets which will help repair the body and become youthful.
  • Strengthens your body as if you have injected a vaccine for body immunity. 

Long term

  • Stimulate the production of white blood cells to have enough quantity to protect the body and increase efficiency in fighting off diseases by increasing the level of gamma-interferon by 400-900%.
  • Stimulate the release of interleukin from the lymphocytes to increase efficiency in eradicating diseases
  • Increase the flexibility of white blood cells and red blood cells, so that the blood cells can move through the capillaries more easily. This is beneficial for treating chronic wounds from diabetes and pressure ulcers.
  • Increase energy production in the mitochondria to alleviate fatigue and improve athletic performance for athletes.
  • Stimulate the production of enzymes that help fight free radicals in the body, such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase.


Ozone IV was discovered by a German chemist named Christian Frederick Schonbein in 1840. Initially, ozone was used to kill germs, clean operating rooms and kill disease-causing germs in drinking water. Later on, ozone therapy was used to treat patients with allergies by drawing about 10cc of blood from the patient, adding an oxygen booster to the blood, and then injecting it back into the gluteal muscle (auto-vaccine). It was found that the treatment had good results. Today, in the field of anti-aging medicine, ozone iv is widely used for health restoration and disease prevention. At Navella Anti-aging and Wellness, we have imported high-quality ozone iv machines from Germany.

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Why do Ozone IV at Navella Anti-aging & Wellness

Navella Anti-aging & Wellness is the first official “Preventative Medical Clinic” in Thailand for health and wellness checkups.Our team of experts are certified by the European and American Boards of Anti-Aging and
Regenerative Medicine, as well as the Preventive Medicine Association of Thailand. All of the tools we use are internationally standardized, and our nursing staff is highly trained. We focus on providing personalized care to each patient to ensure the most appropriate service and treatment for their specific needs. Each day, we provide services to a limited number of patients, so you can be confident that we will consistently provide high-quality service. Located in the heart of Silom, we have parking available and is conveniently located near the BTS Saladaeng station and MRT Silom.

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