Urine Analyzer


What is Urine Analyzer?

Urine is an important system for the excretion of waste in the form of liquid containing minerals, vitamins, organic acids and various chemicals that overflow in excess and must be regularly removed from the body. Urine analyzer is a key factor of health within the body that can indicate other causes of disease. In-depth urinalysis can be divided into two types:

Basic Test  (Urine Indican)

The Basic test or Urine Indican test is a simple, quick and inexpensive screening tool used to monitor and determine the balance of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. High level of urinary indican indicates that the patient may have some illnesses caused by dysbiosis conditions, putrefaction of undigested food in the bowel, intestinal bacteria overgrowth, stomach disorder and intestinal disorder. 

Deep Dive test (Urine Organic Profile )

The Deep Dive test or Urine Organic Profile is a very powerful test. Determining more than 50 organic acids in the urine and focus on metabolic intermediates produced  in pathways of central energy production, detoxification, neurotransmitter breakdown or intestinal microbial activity. Marked accumulation of specific organic acids detected in urine often signals a metabolic inhibition or block. The metabolic block may be due to a nutrient deficiency, an inherited enzyme deficit, toxic build-up or from a drug effect.

Suitable for

  • Those with ADHD.
  • Children with delayed development.
  • People with mood disorders including various psychiatric symptoms chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Those that gains weight easy and finds it hard to loss weight.
  • Those with gastrointestinal disorder.
  • Those with disorder of the immune system.
  • People who want to enhance detoxification efficiency.
  • People who want to strengthen and improve the immune system.
  • Those who want to Prevent chronic illnesses. or diseases that cannot find external causes.
  • People who want to use the correct vitamins and nutritional supplements according to their individual. needs.


Urine Indican (Basic Test):

  • Helps find the cause of patients with suspected pathological conditions such as small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Intestinal microbial dysbiosis, overgrowth of yeast Candida and disorders in the digestion and absorption of proteins including malabsorption of nutrients and nutritional deficiencies.


Urine organic profile (Deep Dive Test):

  1. Helps to find the root cause of health problems which result from an imbalance of the body's metabolic system.
  2. Assist in planning a treatment or balancing health such as difficulty in losing weight, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, insomnia, mood swings, flatulence, indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome.
  3. Indicates the level of cellular damage caused by free radical damage. Levels of chronic inflammation in the nervous system and brain.
  4. Helps to identify the need for vitamins, proteins, and minerals within the body for the doctor to adjust the health condition to achieve balance.
  5. To enhance the detoxification system of the body.
  6. Reduce the risk of chronic disease or diseases that cannot find external causes.
  7. Help in choosing the type of vitamin and nutritional supplements according to individual’s need.


Collect the first urine in the morning and fill it in a urine container provide by Navella. The amount of urine should be about 10 ml and must be taken before drinking water or eating any food. For 48 hours prior to collecting urine, avoid eating apples, grapes, raisins, pears, cranberries, and cranberry juice. Strenuous exercise and heavy dinner should be avoided the night before urine collection. Avoid taking any protein supplements, herbs, and medical mushroom prior the test.


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